7 Items to Leave Behind When Packing for Europe

My luggage weighed only 17 pounds for a recent 10-day trip to Europe, total! And I didn’t want for anything. In fact there are a number of items I’ll leave home next time. I’m convinced one could bounce around Europe indefinitely with just 15 pounds. So what’s worth taking, and what would I leave behind?

10 Job-Search Lessons I Learned in 10 Weeks of Unemployment

I got the opportunity to search for a job this winter! I’ve been continuously employed since I was 15, so this was an immensely educational experience. Ultimately I found I had 10 lessons I’d impart to others in the same situation.

My Marketing Philosophy

Great marketers can think like consumers at any stage in the journey and envision their wants and needs.

How Good is My Spanish?

If you’re looking for someone who can interact intelligently with occasional Spanish-speaking customers or coworkers, I’m your man.


Welcome to SkylerReep.com. I do marketing, branding , hospitality, and revenue (y puedo hacerlo en español.) If you want to see what I’ve done, check out my portfolio. If you’d like to find out how well I do it, read some testimonials. If you’d rather see a good old fashioned résumé, download that here. If I…