Skyler is an outstanding employee. In his role, Skyler is required in many ways to utilizes his diverse skill set. Skyler manages very effectively and efficiently, while attracting new business and maintaining the company’s reputation through sincere relationships, as well as exploring many different avenues to expand our sales and level of service.

Jay McLaurin, Director of Sales and Marketing at The Wort Hotel

Skyler excels at customer service in a sometimes difficult and very in-demand, fast-pace position. He also effectively manages and trains employees with a positive and friendly attitude.

Nate Dragoo, Sales Manager at the Wort Hotel

Skyler is an incredible role model for anyone entering a high stress, fast paced work environment. His ability to perform his managerial responsibilities while dealing with high maintenance guests is phenomenal. With exceptional organizational skills and a positive, professional attitude, Skyler is a critical component to any hotel staff

Ryan Girardin, Reservations Manager at the Wort Hotel

Skyler was a pleasure to work with and timely in his response to our questions and concerns. We are an Online company so when issues arise it is important they are resolved immediately. Skyler’s response time to our account was fantastic and in turn our revenue growth was with the Wort Hotel was positive YOY.

Tracee Adams, Account Executive at Expedia

Skyler is an exemplary employee. Skyler has worked for me for just about 6 years and demonstrates competence in many areas. He continually leads by example and is well respected by his peers and superiors alike. Skyler is committed to organizational goals and communicates goals to all of his staff. He is very good at…

Christie Reinhardt, Hotel Manager at the Wort Hotel

Skyler is one of the most intelligent people I’ve worked with, possessing exceptional skills with contemporary technology, media, finance, and client relationships. Just as easily, Skyler expertly manages unique and stressful situations without missing a beat.

Chad Repinski, Director of Sales at the Wort Hotel

Skyler gets my highest recommendation. He consistently achieves excellence in every endeavor and requires little, if any, supervision. He is a self-motivator and does whatever it takes to do the job right. Skyler excels at multi-tasking, managing (people and tasks), leading by example, and has top-notch interpersonal skills. He would be a tremendous asset to…

Rebecca Wright, Retail Manager at the Wort Hotel

I enjoyed working with Skyler, his performance working as a Luxury Sales Associate proved that he will be a valuable addition to any company. Based on Skyler’s work, I would rank him as one of the best Sales Associates we have ever had. Skyler distinguished himself by consistently providing our clients with exceptional customer service…

Candace Woodbury, Store Manager at Hines Goldsmith

For the time that Skyler has been with FairBridge Hotels International, he has been instrumental in organizing the Relationship Revenue Manager position to be more effective in service and help to the hotel members of FairBridge Hotels International. He has been to India to assist in organizing of the set up of FairBridge Inns there,…

Jean Linstrum, Director of Sales at FairBridge Hotels International

Skyler is an efficient and effective leader who uses his sharp mind (and wit) to direct the countless moving parts of his marketing machine. His meticulous organization of the swarm of marketing responsibilities demanded by the company enables him to deftly delegate tasks to his tight knit team and achieve success as a cohesive unit….

John DeRoulet, Reservations Director at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler employs a management style that is essential for making businesses succeed. He approaches every challenge in a solution-oriented manner, leads by example, and finds ways to highlight the strengths of his coworkers in all departments.

Emily Grant, Operations Assistant at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler Jackson is an extreme benefit to this company and has helped tremendously in the fields of marketing, leadership, and many others. Before Skyler came along this company’s marketing was in constant chaos. He came in and was able to get everything organized and on a good system as well as positively effect our revenue. I…

Keari Sager, Director of Operations at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler embodies what an effective leader should be. He is open-minded, driven, intelligent and passionate. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and do what needs to be done to get results. He has great ideas and appreciates the ideas of those around him. He is a great teacher and encourages those around…

Trisha Bruininks, Marketing Specialist at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

You want Skyler on your team! I have watched him develop and grow a marketing department from the ground up. Skyler understands the big picture of the company and how his department’s decisions impact the company. He effectively and successfully leads his team in every project assigned and has become the constant voice of reason…

Shannon Eaglin, Expansions Manager at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler has been an amazing manager to work under these last few months. He is a great leader and really knows how to guide his team. He is a great boss. Skyler is passionate and knowledgeable. Without him, the marketing department wouldn’t be what it is today. He has been able to build a department…

Sandie Jeffries, Marketing Specialist at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler is a focused, results-driven manager. He is constantly aware of how each action of his department effects the company’s bottom line. Skyler is always happy to answer questions and provide guidance for his team, but utilizes a trust-but-verify management style to encourage creativity and ownership of projects. And he always gives credit when due,…

Catherine Sarytchoff, Marketing Specialist at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

After working with Skyler for almost a year, I can no longer count that times I have said to myself “How does he do it?” He built and leads a department that runs smoothly, even on the craziest days. Skyler truly understands the business that we work within and has consistently offered excellent advice to…

Randie Douse, Human Resources Director at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

I’ve had a great experience working with Skyler. He puts an incredibly amount of energy and focus into maintaining high marketing standards and goals, but he also emphasizes the importance of having a positive relationship with his team members. Skyler is always willing to answer my questions and provide me with the experiences/training that I…

Alaska Bruneau, Marketing Specialist at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

I have worked with Skyler for over a year and have worked with him as my direct supervisor for a little shy of 6 months. Skyler exudes professionalism in everything he does. As a manager he is attentive to the needs of his employees and clearly has our our best interest at heart. It is…

Connor Simpson, Project Manager at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler is a hard worker who never seems to lose focus. He is diligent, driven, and extremely dedicated to his career, as well as his own professional development. He manages to balance being an effective and strong leader while also remaining very approachable and personable. I highly recommend him.

Lauren Hauck, Marketing Specialist at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler is a smart, savvy and strategic marketer who impressed me with his passion for the brand and with his results. I have very much enjoyed working with Skyler and recommend him!

Leigh Barer, Marketing Communications & PR Consultant

As a fellow colleague with Stay Alfred I am pleased to recommend Skyler. I’ve worked alongside Skyler for the past 2 years or so. Not only was Skyler a key component to the success of the company which has lead to numerous awards from Inc. 500, Puget Sound Business Journal, Booking.com awards, and many more,…

Jonathan Robles, Assistant Manager of Sales at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

Skyler is a seasoned professional that excels at taking complex problems and communicating them in a simple, easy to use format. That is super hard to find in leaders. I worked with him daily for 2 years and has the ability to organize huge amounts of data in to easy to understand charts, graphs,and infographics….

Jordan Allen, Founder and CEO of Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals

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